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Whether you are looking for a simple, automated and fast energetic test procedure at the highest level
or a proven treatment concept with over 30 years of development history.

These are our BICOM products.

New: BICOM BodyCheck2

The BICOM BodyCheck2 enables you to carry out a complete, bioenergetics health check. It automatically scans and evaluates the frequency patterns of the entire body, internal organs, bones and tissues down to the cell level. You will quickly obtain an overview of your patient’s energetic status. In the case of detected disturbances, the BICOM BodyCheck2 will suggest possible causes and provide suitable guidance for further treatment.

BICOM optima (two versions depending on the application)

Either the BICOM optima desktop device, if it is to mainly be used in the practice, or the BICOM optima mobil device, if it is to be used for home visits. The mobile version is particularly suitable for therapists who are often on the go, as it can also be charged in the car.

Each BICOM device features multiple treatment programs developed and tested in 30 years of practice for a broad range of energetic stresses acting on the body. In addition, the electromagnetic frequency spectra of more than 400 substances are stored digitally (frequency patterns of active substances). These can be used to complement treatment.

Optionally the BICOM device can be controlled by computer software, which includes a patient management system, documents all treatment sessions and simplifies billing.

Application and Operation

Imparting Knowledge in Theory and in Practice

In the introductory seminars, of our International Sales Partners, participants are provided with the necessary basic knowledge about the bioresonance method, including diagnostics and treatment with BICOM devices. Under the guidance of our specialists, participants also learn how to handle the device and practise using it.
The menu navigation is self-explanatory and the device is straightforward for therapists and their assistants to operate.
We are always available to assist you at any time with any further questions or comments you may have, either in person or via our hotline.