Allergy Therapy
since 1987.
BICOM® Bioresonance Method

Important note

The BICOM bioresonance method is not yet recognized by conventional medicine. Like homeopathy, acupuncture and other complementary methods, BICOM bioresonance is a type of regulatory medicine. Within complementary medicine, the method is recognized as tried and tested through decades of experience. The body´s own electro-magnetic field, with which BICOM bioresonance works, is the subject of intensive scientific research in biophysics, but not yet medicine. BICOM bioresonance is based on application studies and experience reports, some with higher levels of evidence. Randomized, placebo-controlled double-blind studies with adequate statistical evaluations and publications in scientific medical journals are not yet available to the medical and scientific community.

What sets us apart

30 years

Since the first BICOM device was launched, the bioresonance method has been continuously developed in conjunction with experienced BICOM therapists (doctors & non-medical practitioners).

17,000 of our devices

being used around the world.

Over 90 countries

We have a global presence, operating in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia as well as North and South America


The year the first BICOM device came on the market.

More than 100 seminars, workshops and specialist presentations each year

REGUMED Institute holds regular seminars providing in-depth training to suit a variety of levels.

What others say about us

The BICOM optima by REGUMED

  • Proven for allergic rhinoconjunctivitis
  • For testing and therapy
  • Painless
  • Without harmful side effects

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