BICOM® bioresonance
Certified medical product from REGUMED®


Innovative medical products for therapy and diagnosis

REGUMED® has existed as a company since 1987. We are an internationally active medical technology company. Our goal is to support the quality of people´s life and this is what our brand, BICOM®, stands for. Our devices are used by over 10,000 therapists in over 90 countries around the world.

The BICOM® method is a form of complementary medicine and therapists who have integrated it into their medical practice use it in addition to conventional medicine. For many naturopathic therapists, the method is an integral part of their diagnosis and therapy.

Our headquarters in Germany employee around 50 people. In addition, we are supported by a trained and internationally active sales team made up of experienced BICOM® representatives.

The well-being of patients as well as the satisfaction of BICOM® therapists and business partners is always the focus of our work.

We maintain long-standing connections and and close partnerships with medical experts and specialists in order to continuously develop the BICOM® and meet the highest quality standards.

We are proud of our company!
Today and in the future!

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Regulative Medizintechnik GmbH
Robert-Koch-Straße 1a
82152 Planegg


Innovative BICOM® products since 1987

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