The Company Regumed


  • More than 17,000 BICOM devices in over 90 countries
  • 55% doctors, 45% naturopathic practitioners and alternative therapists
  • More than 100 seminars, workshops and specialist presentations each year in Germany alone
  • More than 150 seminars and specialist presentations each year worldwide
  • Annual Congress attended by over 500 delegates from around the world
  • More than 60 employees in Germany



  • 1987 Launch of the first BICOM device
  • 1999 Launch of BICOM 2000
  • 2007 Total number of devices reaches 10,000
  • 2009 Launch of BICOM optima
  • 2015 Century Galaxy GmbH becomes the new owner of REGUMED. Florian Sinn takes over the management of the company.
  • 2016 Launch of BICOM BodyCheck
  • 2017 Launch of BICOM BodyBalance


The Sensible Complement to Conventional Medicine

The BICOM bioresonance method is a form of complementary medicine.
For many areas of conventional medicine it represents an ideal and practical addition.

Doctors and naturopathic practitioners alike use it as a pain-free method of treatment without side effects.

The bioresonance method is still not taught as part of medicine degrees or in naturopathic practitioner training. As market leader it is therefore of great importance to us that our customers are expertly trained in operating the BICOM device. Consequently we and our International Sales Partner offer an extensive training programme.

Customer service is important to us and we are delighted that our customers confirm this time and again.

Good Causes

We Support the Following Organisations:

Doctors Without Borders

German Maritime Search and Rescue Service

Children’s guides to fire and air rescue services

Little Smile aid project in Sri Lanka

German foundation promoting naturopathy and homeopathy

Hedgehog rescue service in Grabenstätt, Germany

KidS e.V. in Cape Verde, German non-profit association promoting children and young people

German societey founded to give parents of mentally disabled children a support network and aims to aid disabled people in becoming as independent as possible

German association researching congenital heart defects

German clinic specialised in children, especially long term patients and their parents

Biggest clinic in Munich with five locations all over Munich to provide as much specialised care as possible to a broad public

Showyes Project from China