In the Use

The patient history

Before treatment: patient history

Bioresonance can be used as part of the anamnesis in order to gain a detailed medical history of the patient. The integrated bioenergetic test procedure provides information on the possible causes of the symptoms and supports the therapist with the diagnosis.

Step 1

Bioenergetic test procedure e.g. Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll or bioenergetic analysis with the BICOM BodyCheck.

Step 2

Determination of the energetic stresses.

Step 3

Establishing the stages of treatment.



How long does a treatment session last?

Treatment sessions vary in length depending on the therapy. On average they last about 30 minutes.

What does the patient do?

The patient is connected to the BICOM device during the treatment session and can sit or lie in a totally relaxed position.

Are there any side effects?

The bioresonance method has no harmful side effects and is completely pain-free.

How many treatment sessions are needed?

The number of sessions varies depending on the patient and their symptoms. Sometimes just a few sessions produce a lasting effect. In some cases treatments must be repeated at longer intervals.

Who does bioresonance work on?


Experience shows that the BICOM bioresonance method can be combined very effectively with conventional medicine and other therapy methods. It is also suitable for treating pregnant women from the third month.


For children the BICOM bioresonance method is both pain-free and gentle. Mum can entertain her child during treatment or they can watch a film together. A major advantage for children anxious about being touched is that there is minimal physical contact during treatment.

Confidence in the method

Effective against allergies for over 30 years

Over 17,000 devices in more than 90 countries


The first BICOM device is introduced.


The 10,000th BICOM device is delivered.


Century Galaxy GmbH becomes the
new owner of REGUMED.
Florian Sinn takes over the management of the company.


BICOM BodyBalance is introduced.


BICOM 2000 is introduced.


BICOM optima is introduced.


BICOM BodyCheck is introduced.