International Seminars


September 2019

Venue: Bali, Indonesia
Lecturers: Dr. Hennecke and S. Maquinay-Hennecke

Metabolism, hormonal and immune system disorders
26. - 29. September 2019

Registration and further details, kindly contact the organizer at lindawira(at)

March 2019

Venue: Brisbane, Australia (Colmslie Hotel in Morningside)

Degenerative Cells Workshop
Lecturer: Mrs. Marcia Pitman
1. March 2019

Thyroid and Adrenal Glands - Holistic Relationship and Therapies for Autoimmune Diseases
Lecturer: Dr. Sabine Rauch
2. - 3. March 2019

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Intensive Seminar Week in February 2019

Venue: Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

Tensor test technique in human medicine
Lecturer: Mr. Jörg Fiedler
15. - 16. February 2019

Practice orientated therapy systematic and effective allergy treatment
Lecturers: Dr. Hennecke and S. Maquinay-Hennecke
17. - 19. February 2019

Traditional Bavarian Evening
19. February 2019

Optimal use of the BICOM BodyCheck (Advanced)
Lecturer: Mr. Norbert Lindner
20. - 21. February 2019

Lyme disease and other chronic illnesses
Lecturer: Dr. Sabine Rauch
22. - 23. February 2019

For details and inscription, please contact: info(at)

BICOM UK Event in October 2018

Venue: Leeds, United Kingdom
18th - 22nd October 2018

Dr. Sabine Rauch will be coming over again and we invite you to help us pick a course for her to do

Dr. Antonina Rome has used the BICOM device for over 20 years and teaches EAP to doctors and others will hold a 1-day Introduction to EAP with theory and practical.

Jenny Blondel a very successful Naturopath from the UK will hold a 1-day course for hormonal therapy for males and females.

In addition, BICOM UK offers a FREE "introduction to Bioresonance" 2-day course for all BICOM UK customers.

More course details will follow.

Why not bring your BICOMwith you for calibration and service, you need to do this to comply with your insurance.

For details and inscription, please contact: david(at)
or visit the BICOM UK Training Pages.

October 2018

Venue: Bandung, Indonesia (2 hours away from Jakarta)
Lecturers: Dr. Hennecke and S. Maquinay-Hennecke

Psychosomatic Indications
4. - 5. October 2018

Allergy refresher course
6. - 7. October 2018

For details and inscription, please contact Mrs Rahadian: +6281519955385