All the information on BICOM programs and the bioresonance method contained in this website is based on the experience, built up over more than 30 years, of skilled BICOM practitioners. This experience has, however, for the most part not yet been substantiated by scientifically approved studies.

Over 1000 programs for treating a wide range of symptoms are stored in the BICOM optima. BICOM programs contain several parameters such as frequency range, amplification or attenuation of certain frequency ranges and running time.

In the early days of bioresonance these parameters had to be tested and adjusted individually. However, it emerged over the course of time that, with certain symptoms, the same parameters kept being tested.

As a result of this observation, the process was rationalised by saving the parameters under a number and indicating the area of application where they had proved effective.

In this way experience gained over almost 3 decades led to the programs which are now available in the BICOM optima.

BICOM programs are therefore recommendations based on the experience of long-standing BICOM therapists and do not represent specific claims of efficacy.

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Just like homeopathy, acupuncture and other methods of complementary therapy, Bicom bioresonance is a form of regulatory medicine. Within complementary medicine, Bicom bioresonance therapy is recognised as an effective tried and tested method. Within conventional medicine, however, Bicom bioresonance has not been subject to scientific research and is, therefore, not yet approved.

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